PFEIL “Swiss Made” Palm Set D, 6 Pieces

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Pfeil carving tools and Pfeil carving tool sets are “Swiss Made.” Swiss Made implies reliability and precision. Pfeil carving is undoubtedly the finest carving tool on the market. Pfeil carving tools are second to none in terms of manufacturing quality and durability. Designed for wood block carving, yet furniture makers and decoy carvers like their 4-3/4″ length for delicate, intricate work. Hardwood handles fit the palm of your hand so your fingers can guide and control the action of the razor sharp blade. Half round handles make long, low cuts easier and prevent the tools from rolling off your workbench. 6 Piece Palm Set D includes: 4mm No. 1 chisel, 4mm No. 1 skew chisel, 5mm No. 5 gouge, 4mm No. 7 gouge, 7mm No. 8 gouge and 2mm No. 11 veiner. Sorry, these pieces are not available individually.Swiss Made


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