Carving the Little Guys: Easy Techniques for Beginning Woodcarvers

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If you have big ideas about caricature carving, start with the Little Guys! Author Keith Randich takes you cut-by-cut through the process of transforming a small block of wood into an expressive little person. By learning to carve a Little Guy, you’ll master essential techniques to get you started in an enjoyable and rewarding new hobby.

This skill-building guidebook reveals the secrets of capturing humor and expression in caricature carving. Discover what really gives these guys their character, as you use your knife to craft cleverly exaggerated features like noses, boots, bellies and shoes. And Carving the Little Guys covers all of the basics you’ll need to know about tools, sharpening, cutting, safety, finishing, repairs and more.

Once you know how to carve one Little Guy, you are on your way to creating a variety of different occupation and personality types. With a simple turn of the knife point here or there you can completely change your Little Guy into a Soldier, Hunter, Fireman, Doctor, Fisherman… or even a Little Gal!

Learn caricature carving the easy way with:

Skill-building practice exercise

Step-by-step color photographs

Tips & techniques for beginning carvers

Adding faces, ears, hats, hands and feet

Finishing & painting your Little Guy

Basics of wood, knives, honing & safety


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