Auriou Cabinet Rasp 9in. Grain 10 (Right Hand)

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Auriou Cabinet Makers Rasps – Right handed models fitted with Walnut handles (the rasps are used in a natural skew action – like a hand plane, so handing the teeth makes it more comfortable and less tiring to use – left handed rasps available on request).

As a general rule the rasp length (excluding handle) should be 3-4 times longer than the width of the work you are working on. So for a chunky section (e.g. shaping the top of a table leg, or initial shaping of a decoy duck or gun stock) don’t be afraid to go long i.e. 12″ and chose an aggressive cut (4 or 6). Cabinet rasps are wide in proportion to their length so they have a lot of cutting power. For more slender sections drop down to a 10″ or 9″ rasp and for fine detailing work (claw feet, saw handles etc.) opt for the slimmer and finer modelers rasps. Auriou rasps will not rip your work to shreds, they are precision shaping tools guided by you to create the shape you want. They cut beautifully and you will learn to love using them for a multitude of tasks

Tip: A final word on care and cleaning: Don’t use a wire brush, use a natural fiber brush. Camellia oil or WD40, keep separate from other tools to prevent damage to the teeth.

  • Auriou Cabinet Rasp 9in. Grain 10 – See image of Auriou Grain Sizes
  • Flat and convex sides tapered to a point with Max width of 1-1/8 in and Max thickness of 1/4 in
  • Very popular all around cabinet Rasp – Highly recommended for 1st Auriou rasp
  • Made in France


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