Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener

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* Sharpen every knife you own quickly and easily with repeatable, consistent results. Creates the sharpest blades you’ve ever had.
* Easily Replaceable Abrasive Grit Belts. Comes with premium abrasive belts to meet all your sharpening needs: Coarse (P80), Medium (P220) and Fine (6000). Replacement Belt Kit is the WSSA0002012
* Precision sharpening guides provide repeatable and consistent results. Kitchen Knife guide sharpens blades to a 40 Degree angle
* Can also be used to sharpen a wide range of bladed shop tools and lawn and garden tools such as Lawn Mower Blades, Garden Pruners, Shears, Shovels, Scrapers and more. Also makes the ideal hand held detail grinder
* Fast and easy to use thanks to precision sharpening guides and quick change abrasive belt system. Abrasive belts won’t burn or damage blade steel during sharpening


Sharpen like a pro at home! The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener is an innovative abrasive belt sharpening system that brings professional level sharpening into your home shop.

The combination of flexible premium abrasive belts and precision sharpening guides create the sharpest blades you’ve ever had with speed, ease and repeatability. The sharpening guides are purpose built for Kitchen Knives, Outdoor Knives (hunting knives, pocket knives, filet knives, etc.) as well as scissors and serrated knives.

This tool is assembled and quality tested in Ashland Oregon and has a 1 year warranty. Includes a detailed User’s Guide and Instructional DVD. Replacement Belt Kit is the WSSA0002012



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