FastCap 12-Ounce Activator

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With the Activator from FastCap you can easily accelorate curing of 2P-10 adhesive. 2P-10 is a two-part, 10 second bond adhesive. Just apply the adhesive, spray with activator, and press together for a strong permanent bondIf it’s broken, FastCap 2P-10 can fix it. This revolutionary two-part, ten-second adhesive forms a fast, permanent bond on almost any surface from plastic to wood–without clamping. Simply apply adhesive to one surface, spray activator on the other, hold for ten seconds, and you’ll have a joint that lasts forever. Now packaged in a convenient, 12-ounce aerosol spray; the activator accelerates the adhesive process so bonding occurs in 10 seconds, while curing completes in 30.

  • Aerosol spray accelerates curing of 2P-10 adhesive
  • Unique, 2-part adhesive forms fast permanent bonds
  • Bonds in 10 seconds; cures in 30 seconds
  • Convenient, 12-ounce size
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