Woodstock W1100 Slickplane

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This convenient hand tool quickly softens board edges in one pass. The dual iron design makes a shallow first cut with a deeper second cut for a smooth accurate edge. An angled brass sole plate resists wear and provides good edge tracking. The blades are carbide tipped for a clean profile. The Slick Plane comes with curved carbide tipped blades that put a 1/16″ radius edge on boards. Chamfer cut carbide tipped replacement blades are also available separately to create crisp 45 degrees bevels on boards.

  • Produces An Exceptionally Smooth 1/8″ Radius Or A 45 Chamfer Over The Entire Length Of An Edge.
  • Crafted From Rock Maple, The Slickplane Is Designed To Fit Comfortably In Your Hand.
  • A Brass Sole Glides Easily Along The Workpiece Edge As Two Independently Adjustable


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