INCRA Miter Channel – 32″ (One per package)

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Why trust the operation of your Incra Miter Gauge or Miter Slider in just any miter track. The Miter Channel was designed with the same Incra quality and precision to act as the perfect guide for all of your miter needs. Each channel is constructed of hard anodized aluminum for durability with Incras trademark gold finish. Mounting is easy with pre-drilled holes and included fasteners; simply cut a 1-1/8 wide, 1/2 deep groove in your table. Create a laminated fixture using 1/2 thick material on either side of the channel. The T-Slot design can be used in conjunction with hold-downs. Will work with any standard 3/8 x 3/4 miter bar.

  • Fits any standard miter bar
  • Work with all INCRA Build-It System components and accessories
  • Free jig plans available online at:


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