DMT DMDS-S Dia-Sharp Magna-Disc Sharpening Kit

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DMT’s new Magna-Disc system converts your Work Sharp WS2000 or WS3000 sharpener from paper-based abrasives to faster, cooler, more durable diamond abrasives in only seconds. Just adhere the peel-and-stick magnetic disc to the glass plate of your sharpener, then drop on a metal disc with the diamond abrasive of your choice. The diamond discs last more than fifty times as long as paper abrasives, and are faster and less messy to change, since no adhesive is involved. Diamond discs also run cooler so there’s no risk of ruining the temper of your prized tools. Two kits are available, one for sharpening and one for honing. The Dia-Sharp Magna-Disc system is designed to work with Work Sharp´┐Ż Models WS2000 and WS3000 (34105 and 25384, sold separately). Provides the extreme durability and uniform scratch pattern of DMT products. Allows your Work Sharp powered sharpener to perform faster, cooler and more economically than with paper disks. Dia-Sharp diamond discs last more than 50 times as long as conventional paper abrasive discs. Utilizing the Magna-Disc allows quick and easy grit changes versus messy peel and stick paper discs. Unlike paper discs, there is no danger of ruining the temper of your tools because of overheating. The Magna-Disc system conducts heat away from the tool and will not generate any sparks. It is cooler and safer to use.

  • Long lasting – more than 50 to 1 over paper abrasive discs
  • Coarse diamond disc to quickly sharpen a neglected edge and fine diamond disc to put a keen edge on a maintained tool
  • Faster grit change – 15 seconds versus 2 minutes for paper abrasive discs
  • Maintain constant tool contact without fear of heat damage
  • Works with Work Sharp models ws2000 and ws3000


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