INCRA WF/ULTRA Wonder Fence Upgrade for LS or ULTRA Positioner System

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The Wonder Fence Upgrade is directly compatible with TS-LS fence systems. For TS Systems using Ultra positioners, the fence extrusion may need to be upgraded for compatibility. See the note at the bottom of the page for details.Upgrading to the Wonder Fence allows an existing LS- or Ultra-based INCRA Router System to perform EVERY fence-guided operation that can be done on a router table.The Wonder Fence integrates routing functions into the incra ts saw systems by providing all of the adjustments of a large commercial shaper in a very precise, compact package. By combining the Wonder Fence with the built-in micro adjust of your TS fence system, youre able to explore countless precision routing operations, with each fence position repeatable and micro adjustable.The Wonder Fence slides into the T-slot on front of the rip fence, allowing the infeed and outfeed fence halves to be adjusted independently to accommodate the largest router bits available. Hardware is also included for attaching wooden zero-clearance subfences for producing cleaner shaping cuts and for closing in the area around the router bit. Since the fences are made from scrap wood, theres no need to periodically purchase plastic zero-clearance fence inserts.The Wonder Fence is also adjustable for offset between the infeed and outfeed halves. A pair of opposed wedges behind each fence half provides a true, continuous micro adjust for the relation-ship between the fence halves, and laser engraved offset scales ar

  • Upgrade an existing INCRA TS Saw System, Ultra Router System, or LS Router System to the versatility of the Wonder Fence
  • Independently adjustable infeed and outfeed fence halves
  • Included Hi-Rise Fence Support
  • Integrated dust collection fittings
  • Plans and hardware included for zero-clearance sub fences


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