INCRA ME/1000SE Miter Express and Miter1000 SE Combo Pack

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This value-priced combo includes the Miter 1000SE gauge and the Incra Miter Express. Enjoy unmatched miter gauge precision combined with a sliding table with workpiece support on both sides of the blade.The Miter 1000SE lets you achieve mitering accuracy you never thought possible.* 41 angle stops in 5 degrees increments over a full 180 degrees range.* Miter bar adjusts to any standard 3/4″ x 3/8″ slot.* Stainless steel primary scale.* 1/10-degree vernier cursor.* Incremental fence with patented rack positioning control telescopes from 18″ to 31″.* Dual-arm flip shop stop.The Miter Express is the safest and most accurate crosscutting and mitering platform available, providing smooth-sliding zero-clearance cuts.* Features two embedded T-Slot channels to secure the included hold-down clamp and outboard fence support.* Superb crosscut and mitering control.* Doubles any miter gauges crosscut range up to 24″.* Safely handles extra large and small workpieces.* Eliminates all side play between table saws miter slot and any miter gauge.* Eliminates all drag between workpiece and table saw, especially for extra large workpieces.* Made in USA.

  • Dock & Lock the included INCRA Miter Gauge in Seconds
  • Removable t-slot retaining clips & adjustable miter bar
  • GlideLOCK Miter Bar – The Miter 1000SE’s 6 expansion disks adjust both sides of the bar for ZERO side play, anti-friction travel on all table saws with standard miter gauge channels
  • Special Edition Telescoping INCRA-LOCK Fence
  • Special Edition 1/10th° Vernier Cursor


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