Chronicling the stages in creating a realistic human face from wood and packed with detailed images of finished carvings, this reference offers a wealth of technical how-to information for woodworkers and artists. Helpful guidance includes advice...

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With this book any carver can stand beside the workbench of acclaimed artist Lora S. Irish and learn everything she has to teach about creating an expressive wood spirit. Lora clearly explains the relief carving process from start to finish: every...

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Woodcarving is fun, any way you cut it! Whether your interest lies in chip, incised, pierced, relief, sculptural, or architectural carving-or if you'd just like to whittle your weekend away-here's what you need to gain self-confidence in the...

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Whittling is a fun past time for those just starting to carve, and those who have been carving for years. This book is filled with great little projects and games that are enjoyable to make and enjoyable to...

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Best of Woodcarving Illustrated: Relief Woodcarving Projects & Techniques is packed with 36 tried-and-true relief woodcarving projects and patterns from the archives of Woodcarving Illustrated, plus expert advice from favorite authors...

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If you'd like to learn to carve in relief, this comprehensive guidebook will teach you everything you need to know.  Relief Carving Workshop takes you through every element of the relief carving process from start to finish. With some sharp...

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"This is an absolutely first-rate book." — E. J. Tangerman. Finest book for beginners discusses in direct language and no technical jargon what tools to use, how to use them, and what woods are suitable for carving. 34 illustrated designs for...

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If you have big ideas about caricature carving, start with the Little Guys! Author Keith Randich takes you cut-by-cut through the process of transforming a small block of wood into an expressive little person. By learning to carve a Little...

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Tom has been carving these Spirits for years, and they are constantly in demand. Now he leads the carver, step-by-step, through their creation, each step illustrated in beautiful color photographs. An extensive gallery is included, jam-packed with...

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Akin to having a one-on-one carving course with a master carver, this resource--a collection of tips and tricks honed over many years--mentors newcomers and serious beginning woodcarvers alike. A comprehensive guide for those who want to learn...

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