No. 96M. Ideal for framing, trim carpentry, and tile applications. Unique Box Beam frame does not bend or warp. 1 horizontal vial and 2 vertical vials. Crystal clear vials readable in any direction with no change in accuracy tolerance, guaranteed...

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Deluxe version of our Std System adds an Extra Coarse and an Ultra Fine honeSharpen all of your knives with ease with the Lansky Deluxe 5-Hone Sharpening System. Lansky has provided the latest and greatest in cutting edge knife sharpening...

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Add a helping hand to your workbench with a Kreg Bench Klamp System. Its perfect for assembling pocket-hole joints or as a general hold-down when routing, sanding, and more. This Bench Klamp System consists of a 3" x 4", 1/4" thick hard-anodized...

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Stabilas 48 In. level with 2 LED lights works perfect in dark places. Light packs and batteries are replaceable. Brilliant, easy to read lit vials2 Removable L.E.D. lightsLights work vertically or horizontallyCan purchase replacement light...

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Stabila 70TMW Torpedo Level 25cm Magnetic Base STB70TMW A very sturdy level torpedo style. With two shockproof vials, one horizontal, one vertical.Epoxy locked top frame and a lasting accuracy of 0.029° = 0.5mm/m in vial up position.Magnetic...

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Cuisinart's Outdoor Electric Grill with VersaStand integrated adjustable telescoping base provides authentic grilling performance and flavor. Its small format fits easily on balconies and small patios - great for places that propane or charcoal...

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This history of woodworking hand tools from the 17th to the 20th century is one of a very gradual evolution of tools through generations of craftsmen. As a result, the sources of changes in design are almost impossible to ascertain. Published...

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This unique tenon stock is specially designed for our BeadlockLoose Tenon Joinery System. The Beadlockjoinery system allows you to create joints with mortise and tenon strength without the need for large, expensive machinery. The flutes on the...

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Legendary Starrett accuracy takes error prone calculations out of the process of setting up miter cuts. Simply set your saw to the angle that you read on the protractor. Laser engraved dial for accuracyConstructed from durable engineered...

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If you own a miter gauge - any miter gauge - you can turn it into a performance boosting miter sled in just a few seconds by simply docking it in place on top of this unique sled. This sled is a sliding, miter-cutting platform that fully supports...

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