The range of knives in this set will provided the woodworker with the right tool for any cutting situation. Hand forged in Germany by Two Cherries. These beautiful knives packed in a soft leather roll make an impressive gift for the...

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Made of aluminum oxide powder in a wax base. Quickly put a razor edge on your tools!For rapid stropping of carving tools with either a leather strop or power strop or cloth bufferMade of aluminum oxide powder in a wax baseBar measures 1-1/4-Inch...

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“[This book] stands out.... Among the best on the subject and essential for all woodcraft collections.”—Library JournalNow at a new low price: a guide to making architectural projects that are within reach of any budget and level of...

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12 piece Set includes: #1 Straight Chisel 8mm, #1 Skew Chisel 8mm, #5 Gouge 8mm, #5 Gouge 20mm, #7 Gouge 6mm, #7 Gouge 14mm, #7 Heavy Bent Gouge 20mm, #8 Gouge 4mm, #8 Spoon Gouge 10mm, #9 Gouge 10mm, #11 Veiner 3mm, #12 V Parting Tool 6mm and a...

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The best quality German knives are available individually or in a set of ten. Chip, figure and general carving knives.High quality German steel blades hold a keen edge.Beech handles shaped for comfort and control.A variety of shapes available for...

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Gouges are forged in various sweeps to remove greater or lesser amounts of wood. For example, roughing out the background for a large relief panel would require a tool such as a 9 sweep. The ridges and hollows formed by this tool would then be...

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Fishtail gouges are very useful tools for cleaning out corners and undercutting particularly when side clearance is limited. PFEIL carving tools and sets are "Swiss Made". "Swiss Made" implies reliability and precision. PFEIL is undoubtedly the...

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These top quality carving tools come fully sharpened by hand and are ready to use. All tools of 25 mm or larger have double-hooped handles for added strength. 20mm #3 Straight GougeFull size Professional long model tool polished inside and...

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YASUTOMO WOOD CARVING SET - Student wood carving set can be used on wood, soap and linoleum blocks. Sold as Set of 12Short name: Wood + Linoleum Carving Tool Set Of 12Yasutomo Brand of ProductsTypical Use: Art Education / Printmaking / Block...

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This set includes all of the tools found in the 5-piece Beginner's Palm Set and the 4-piece Wide Palm Set, and is great for a wide variety of carving tasks. Take projects from start to finish with wide and narrow tool profiles. Wooden handles...

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