Flexcut blades, as the name implies, are flexible to give you more control over your cuts. Made of high carbon spring steel, the tool shank gives just enough to follow the contour of carving, eliminating the need to have a handful of traditional...

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For attaching OF 1400 EQ router to guide rail system. Adapt the Festool OF 1400 Router for use with the FS Guide Rail system for perfectly guided, straight routingFeatures fine-adjustment controls, allowing you to precisely adjust the distance to...

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Best of Woodcarving Illustrated: Relief Woodcarving Projects & Techniques is packed with 36 tried-and-true relief woodcarving projects and patterns from the archives of Woodcarving Illustrated, plus expert advice from favorite authors...

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Replacment outer sheath for WE-330R. Factory supplied perfect replacement for damaged or worn outer sheath for flexable shaft. ReplacementPerfect matchReplaces damaged or worn...

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Festool has firmly established itself as the innovation leader in jigsaws and jigsaw blades, producing a system that delivers effortless, precise cuts like no other. Coupled with the right blade, high performance motors and MMC electronics will...

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If you'd like to learn to carve in relief, this comprehensive guidebook will teach you everything you need to know.  Relief Carving Workshop takes you through every element of the relief carving process from start to finish. With some sharp...

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Specially forged for Woodcraft, these intermediate size, professional style tools are 2" shorter than our regular Swiss tools for easier control and greater responsiveness. The precise tempered high-grade steel tools are sharpened, honed and...

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Marking knives are the most accurate way to mark lines for fine joinery layout work. The flat steel blades on these knives are beveled on only one side so you can mark tight against your straight edge. These knives feature a K720 steel blade with...

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Tackle a complete range of projects with this heavy-duty Power Carving Kit - from fine detail work with smaller burrs to roughing-out at a much greater speed than you could with less powerful motors. And the powerful 1/4 hp motor is reversible - a...

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Includes OF 1400 EQ Plunge Router - 574342, 8mm Collet - 492005, 1/2-in Collet - 492143, 1/4-in Collet - 492141, Collet Wrench, Dust Extraction Hood - 492000, Chip Catcher - 492732, Standard U.S. Guide Bushing Adaptor - 493566, Plug-it Cord -...

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