"This is an absolutely first-rate book." — E. J. Tangerman. Finest book for beginners discusses in direct language and no technical jargon what tools to use, how to use them, and what woods are suitable for carving. 34 illustrated designs for...

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Convert your flexible shaft tool to a reciprocating carver. Includes a 1/4" 90 degree V-chisel, 3/8" #9 gouge, 3/8" straight chisel, 3/8" round nose chisel, 5/16" straight chisel, and collet wrench. Fits most flexible shaft carving tools. 5-1/2"...

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Replacment cable for WE-330R. Factory supplied perfect replacement for damaged or worn cable for flexable shaft. ReplacementPerfect matchReplaces damaged or worn...

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The Deluxe Palm and Knife Set pairs two popular tool sets to provide carvers a wide range of capabilities in one economic package. Set includes four razor-sharp carving knives - cutting, pelican, detail, and mini detail knives. There are also five...

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Specially forged for Woodcraft, this intermediate size, professional style tool is 2" shorter for easier control and greater responsiveness. It is carefully sharpened, honed, and buffed for immediate use. The high-grade steel and precise tempering...

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Now you can make dead straight, silky smooth, splinter free cuts in hardwood veneered plywood with a portable circular saw. The secret of course, is the use of a Festool TS 55 or TS 75 EQ circular saw and a Festool Precision Guide Rail. The unique...

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If you have big ideas about caricature carving, start with the Little Guys! Author Keith Randich takes you cut-by-cut through the process of transforming a small block of wood into an expressive little person. By learning to carve a Little...

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Pfeil carving tools and Pfeil carving tool sets are "Swiss Made." Swiss Made implies reliability and precision. Pfeil carving is undoubtedly the finest carving tool on the market. Pfeil carving tools are second to none in terms of manufacturing...

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The new CT26 incorporates increased capacity, innovation and versatility into this new design. With the dual mode power activation, the user chooses either a tool activated or manual activated start-up. This CT (Cleantec) unit is extremely mobile,...

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Tom has been carving these Spirits for years, and they are constantly in demand. Now he leads the carver, step-by-step, through their creation, each step illustrated in beautiful color photographs. An extensive gallery is included, jam-packed with...

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