The Kreg 6-Inch #2 Square Driver Combo Pack features two 6-inch #2 square drivers for your drill. Compatible with virtually any drill that accepts exchangeable bits, this combo pack provides the added length needed in certain drilling...

$5.16 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

These sets represent the ultimate in layout versatility! The INCRA Pro Rule Sets include not only a Marking Rule and Bend Rule, but the standard T-Rule is also upgraded to the Pro T-Rule. In addition to INCRA's patented marking holes at every...

$41.28 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

Duplicate custom shapes and contours easily. This gauge measures contours up to 6" across. One inch increment markings on the brass and enameled body make contour measurements simple. Stainless steel pins for durability. Size is 6" x 3-1/2", with...

$4.14 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

The Incra 6-Inch Precision Marking Protractor lets you plot any angle with ease and absolute accuracy. A metal T-Bar and see-through cross hairs provide perfect alignment against the edge of your work-piece. Remove the T-Bar to work on flat...

$21.20 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

Easy to use, versatile and precise are the words which best describe the new INCRA T-Rule. This 3" rule is the perfect size for your apron pocket. Comes in handy as a square, marking gauge, machine setup tool and ultra-precise ruler. Low glare,...

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This cast aluminum C clamp features a 1 5/8" clamp capacity, an extra deep 6" reach and is suitable for a variety of clamping applications. Ribbed construction and thick castings make this C clamp both light and durable. Handy for general...

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The Kreg DDS 3-Inch and 6-Inch Driver Set gives you choices. The Deep 2 Driver recess resists cam-out and comes in the 3-inch and 6-inch length set. The 3-inch length is great in tight spots; the 6-inch length is easy to use. Drivers for the drill...

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