The Wolfcraft Right Angle Clamp is a durable aluminum tool that is very effective for making cabinets or box-frames, and functions as a third hand for the every handyman. It's useful function of an assembly aid helps in the alignment and clamping...

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Chris Pye - Auriou V-Tool 60 Degree Width 10 Chris Pye - Auriou V-tool 60 Degree Angle - Width 10 MmHand forged by beating out a blank of steel creates a very resilient grain structureAllongee style of blade splays from the shoulder: They are...

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This clamp makes pocket-hole joints as easy to clamp as they are to make. One side of the adjustable locking plier clamp is formed into a pin that mates perfectly into a 3/8" pocket hole, and the other side has a swivel pad that allows the clamp...

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Festools newest addition to their cordless lineup, the CXS Compact Drill Driver, will conquer all your day-to-day drilling and driving challenges with comfort. Tight spaces, dark spots, and corners are no match for the CXS Drill Driver. Designed...

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