With a full 720 watts, this is one of the most powerful jigsaws around. It will cut 4 3/4" wooden beams, 3/4" aluminum or 3/8" steel with ease! Electronic Multi-Material Speed Control gives you the correct constant speed for the material youre...

$275.00 as at 13:00 UTC. (Details)

Oshlun SBFT-160048 160mm 48 Tooth FesPro Crosscut ATB Saw Blade with 20mm Arbor for Festool TS 55 EQ, DeWalt DWS520, and Makita SP6000KOshlun's FesPro blades were designed to produce industrial quality cuts at an affordable price with a Festool,...

$19.29 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

The highly acclaimed Festool*R system includes a line of four router models, the OF 1010 EQ, the OF 1400 EQ, the OF 2200 EB, and the MFK 700 EQ. Each has unique qualities that suit it for a particular job. In the OF series the 1010 is a...

$23.00 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

This unique bag design eliminates caking on the inside of the filter bag. Caking is a common problem with most filter bags and leads to a reduction in suction efficiency and can ultimately cause premature motor failure due to addition...

$35.00 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

Includes 12-Drawer Sortainer - 491986, (12) Small Drawers Pull-out lock / individual locking - these features prevent the drawers from being removed or falling out unintentionallyMany variations - the Sortainer is available in many...

$165.00 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

The new CT36 incorporates increased capacity, innovation and versatility into this new design. With the dual mode power activation, the user chooses either a tool activated or manual activated start-up. This CT (Cleantec) unit is extremely mobile,...

$675.00 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

Works with all Festool CT dust extractors to stow hose and cord. Helps to avoid damage and save money. Impact resistant for long service life. Avoid trip hazard from hose and cord tangle. Neat and tidy, work more efficiently. Stores easily to save...

$60.00 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

Use to secure bench mounted devices. Clamping capacity 4-3/4"(120mm). Comes as a pack of 2. Pack of 2Festool products can only be sold in the 50...

$35.77 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

FS-SP 3000 (197")(5000 mm) replacement splinter guard for FS3000/2 guide rail. Replaces the 118 mm splinter guard 488467. Clear splinterguard enhances visibility of cut lineA fresh splinterguard can be matched perfectly to the saw blade,...

$40.00 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

Save time through better organization with the new open-face SYS-Toolbox. The easy-access design of the SYSToolbox allows you to keep what you need within easy reach - you'll spend less time searching for frequently used tools and accessories. A...

$49.00 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)