INCRA scores again with its precision steel rule! Select the proper slot or hole, insert a .5mm mechanical pencil, and mark the measurement with dead-on accuracy. The RULE18 Marking Rule offers Incra's patented marking holes at every 1/16 and...

$24.95 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

Cover any precision marking application with these three-piece marking rule sets. Each set includes one Marking Rule, one T-Rule and one Bend Rule in your choice of 6", 12" and 18" lengths. Each set includes a .5mm mechanical pencilInstead of...

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The first stainless steel rule with micro-fine guide holes for marking a fine dot with a sharp pencil or metal scribe Micro-fine marking holes and slots at every 1/16", 1/32" and 1/64" instantly locate a sharp pencil point or scribe EXACTLY where...

$16.94 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)

Find the exact center of any workpiece up to 12" wide. Has a built-in protractor, too. Laser cut slots are incredibly precise, and allow you to make your mark with a mechanical pencil in the slot. 12" Centering Rule with protractor feature and...

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Limited Quantity Special Deals INCRA Bend Rules make dual-surface layouts a snap using the corner slots shown above. The INCRA Bend Rule is precisely what you need for layout and measurement along the edge of a board or other workpiece. Weve put...

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