Shop Fox Heavy Duty Mobile Bases are designed to give you a stable and mobile platform upon which to mount machinery and equipment having a variety of base sizes and weights. The heavy-duty casters are arranged on outriggers allowing the machine...

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Compiled from the best tips and tricks from the pages of ""Woodcarving Illustrated,"" this guidebook provides woodworkers with all they need to know to create a safe and organized workshop and prepare and employ various tools. Essays and...

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Shop Fox offers a broad assortment of drill presses to suit every need – from small hobby shops up to professional machine shops. Our unique oscillating models afford two-machine convenience in half the space and our radial drill presses offer...

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This bib-style apron from Shop Fox helps to protect your clothing from dirt, dust, and other work related grime. It has numerous handy pockets and loops for holding tools, nails, pencils and hardware and hammers. It is made from ballistic nylon so...

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This full capacity 3 HP Shaper will handle the smallest profile cutters all the way up to the largest panel cutters with its three spindle sizes, 3-inches spindle travel and 5-1/2-inch maximum spindle opening. Two reversible speeds also provide...

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These Brass Head Mallets provide unequalled control and balance in a compact design and are a real extension of the craftsmans hand. The dense brass head imparts a firm blow to the chisel handle without excess weight or bulk. For light duty...

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The Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table is great for bench-top tools like chop saws, drill presses, planers, scroll saws, band saws, etc. Support cross braces on top provide incredible strength and capacity. Flared legs and adjustable rubber ensure...

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When you unpack a new lathe-whether it's a bench top or freestanding model-the enclosed manual doesn't venture much beyond basic safety, assembly, and set-up. That leaves some head-scratching when it's time to fire it up and start turning. Where's...

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This WoodRiver 7 LED Dual Power Shop Light can go anywhere in your shop and is excellent for providing task lighting. Great for scroll saws, band saws, drill presses, reading and just about anything else you can think of. A very strong magnet...

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