e250 Professional Combination Square 12-inch Heavy Duty Professional Combination Square with Etched Stainless Steel Blade and True Blue® Vial. The e250 Combination Square features a stainless steel...

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INCRA Steel Miter Sliders. The INCRA Miter Slider SE combines the versatility of the INCRA Build-It products with the unique performance and feel of the adjustable GlideLOCK miter bar used on INCRA miter gauges. Miter Slider SE is not recommended...

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Shower Sprays by AquaSense provide increased bathing safety, independence and comfort while sitting or standing. This white shower spray has 3 settings that can be activated by an easy-to-turn spray dial, providing a narrow, wide or standard...

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Trim both sides of your edge banding at once with the FastCap Quad Trimmer. Its double-edged cutters let you trim in either direction. Unique pneumatic system allows super smooth action rather than sticky conventional springs. Ergonomic trimmer...

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Mini Chip Carving Knife. Mini-ChipCarving KnifeKN20 These knives are made with the same edge-holding steelas our gouges and chisels.The comfortable carved handleallows for long periods of carving without hand...

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Carbon steel rasps are designed for fast material removal from wood, plastic, aluminum, brass and copper. 1/8" ShankApprox. 1 3/4"...

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