These tools are forged and precision ground with straight sides and v-bottom edge. Principal uses include outlining, detailing, texturing, undercutting, rounding over edges, and applying decoration in chip carving. PFEIL carving tools and sets are...

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Fine quality micro carving tools for detail work. Blades are approximately 60 mm long on a handle of 110 mm. Overall length is about 170 mm, or just under seven inches overall. Micro Carving Tools for Fine Detail CarvingTop quality set of all 14...

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The tools in this set have palm handles. Included are one 5/16 inch gouge and one 1/4 inch gouge one v-shape 5/32 inch veining tool one cutting knife one 5/16 inch bent chisel and one sharpening stone. The five tools measure 5 inches...

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The Work Sharp WS2000 is a precision grinder and sharpener designed to restore tools you already own, such as gasket scrapers, wood chisels, cold chisels, putty knives, mower blades, axes and much more. Air-cooled dry sharpening system uses...

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Includes Carving and Engraving Mini Accessory Kit - 689-01, 1/32-in Engraving Cutter - 105, 1/8-in Grinding Stone - 702, 3/32-in Collet Bit - 481, 1/16-in Engraving Cutter - 106, 3/32-in Engraving Cutter - 107, 1/32-in Engraving Cutter - 108,...

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“The book will help readers mightily....The projects outlined are clearly laid out, the instructions for them easy to follow. The projects...are multicultural, too, for they include an African art object, traditional American art objects, a...

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Professional Quality, 1/8 -Inch Shank, 180 Grit. Includes 20 assorted shapes covered with diamond particles. All bits have 1/8 -Inch shanks and come in convenient plastic holder. Excellent for fine detail work, cutting, engraving, carving,...

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The Black & Decker RTX-6 2 Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool offers superior power and versatility, allowing you to perform a wide variety of jobs with maximum convenience. Its high-torque 2 Amp motor gives you enough power to complete jobs faster than most...

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Convert your rotary tool into a mini plunge router with the TurnLOCK Rotary Tool Plunger. Convert most rotary tools into a small plunge router. Clear base for optimal visibility TurnLock Technology Center of base accepts TurnLock Bushings Perfect...

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The Deluxe Palm and Knife Set pairs two popular tool sets to provide carvers a wide range of capabilities in one economic package. Set includes four razor-sharp carving knives - cutting, pelican, detail, and mini detail knives. There are also five...

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