This history of woodworking hand tools from the 17th to the 20th century is one of a very gradual evolution of tools through generations of craftsmen. As a result, the sources of changes in design are almost impossible to ascertain. Published...

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Building gorgeous furniture is easier than ever with the pocket hole jigThe pocket hole jig has revolutionized how joints are made. Not only does this innovative tool produce a strong, durable joint without special clamps or fasteners, but the...

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The Corner Pressure Clamp applies pressure on the sides of your stock keeping the two corners together. Will accept any bar up to 1/4" thick. Applies pressure on the sides of your stockKeeps the two corners togetherWill accept any clamp bar up to...

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Put your tools within easy reach by rolling this sturdy cabinet right up to your work area. When you're through, simply close and lock the doors. Then return the cabinet to its storage spot-it occupies only 2x2' of floor space. Closed cabinet...

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In this wonderful resource for both novice and veteran carvers, two masters of the craft present detailed instructions and illustrations on how to confidently carve animals, flowers, figures, and more. The authors also include handy tips on tools,...

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Finest book for beginners discusses in direct language and no technical jargon what tools to use, how to use them, and what woods are suitable for carving. 34 illustrated designs for creating cabinet panels, chests, doors, bookends, footstools, an...

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