Long before the Stonewall Riots, Masters and Johnson or even the Kinsey Report, there was Dr. Magnus Herschfeld. A gay German Jew living in 19th-century Berlin, Hirschfeld didn't just champion gay rights - he discovered them. Now Rosa von...

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WS DIAMOND 1500 ABRASIVE BELT A quality product by BOKER USA,...

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Jusqu’à épuisement des Stocks * Sharpen every knife you own quickly and easily with repeatable, consistent results. Creates the sharpest blades you've ever had. * Easily Replaceable Abrasive Grit Belts. Comes with premium abrasive belts to...

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Improve the freehand sharpening on the top and underside of your grinding wheel with the Tormke® Work Sharp™ WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment! Designed to accept a wide range of Tormek® or Jet® sharpening jigs (Sold Separately) for turning tools...

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For final polishing, light de-burring, and honing tools to a precision edge. This WS3000 pliable felt polishing wheel enables it to conform to the polishing task at hand. FOR USE WITH WORK SHARP MODELS: WS2000 and WS3000. Includes: Felt polishing...

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Use this slotted "see-through" wheel for fast and precise sharpening of carving and lathe tools. Use with WS3000 slotted abrasives to sharpen carving and lathe toolsUnique design makes sharpening of carving and lathe tools faster, easier, and...

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This pliable, non-woven abrasive pad makes short work of rust, paint and other coatings that shouldnt be there without damaging your tool. Includes a top knob for securing the wheel to your WS3000. High Quality 6-Inch Conditioning WheelQuick rust...

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Ideal for crafts, hobbies, metal working, and a variety of around-the-house jobs, the 220-01 Dremel Work Station transforms any Dremel rotary tool into a tabletop drill press. It can be bolted on to your workbench, and it has the versatility to...

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Kit contains the following slotted media: P80 x 150mm round (Qty:1), P400 x 150mm round (Qty:2), P1200 x 150mm round (Qty:2), and 6000 Micro-Mesh round (Qty:1). For use with the Work Sharp WS3000 Tool Sharpener only. 1 piece P80 PSA (pressure...

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WS2000 Abrasive Kit, Includes: 1 Of 80G Solid Abrasive, 4 Pieces Of 80G Slotted Abrasives & 4 Pieces Of 220G Slotted Abrasives. Drill Doctor #WSSA0002174 WS2000 Abrasive KitPROFESSIONAL TOOL...

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