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It’s clear that the person who carved this is thoroughly accomplished and skilled… Congratulations, I know you’ve earned any accolades that come your way! !

– – Randall O’Donnell – Early American Furniture Maker



Nice work, well done!


– Chris Pye
Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books

I have just recently received the copy of WOODCARVING in which your carvings appear. Congratulations on your woodcarver of the year award.  Mighty fine work.

– Frederick Wilbur
Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books

Carver whose work is so admirably skillful, crisp, and fluent.

– David Esterly
Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books


My CNC just ran into the corner and whimpered….incredible work. Certainly the most delicate I’ve seen. You are Master woodcarver

– Cris Hostetler

WOW! Stunning to say the least! True Master of Architectural Wood Carving!

– Rob Vega

Outstanding Wood Carving! Master. Maestro! That’s all I have to say!!!!! Master Woodcarver! I love your talent and ability to create Architectural Sculpture as well decorative carving. It is Heart Wood Carving

– Scott Hogerty

 Your work, and your life story is truly inspiring. What a beautiful thing you are doing in North Carolina. Your carvings are works of art. You are keeping a brilliant tradition alive by carving with all hand tools, and giving your work real finishes. It is not unlike getting up close to an old stone building, or monument, and seeing a chiseled piece of stone with the tool marks of its carver, it is a beautiful thing. I am a  Classical Architect in New York City.

– Christopher P. Weeks – Classical Architect -New York

What you do with wood is amazing so delicate and artistic. Better than looking at A famous oil painting .

– Cindy Haviland



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Review of Wood Carving