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Welcome to the website of Master Wood Carver Alexander Grabovetskiy, internationally acclaimed artist and master of decorative and architectural wood carving. Winner of the coveted title of International Woodcarver of the Year, awarded by the Wood Worker’s Institute, Alexander Grabovetskiy is widely considered one of the finest and most talented Master Wood Carvers in the world today.

This exquisite hand carving is a time honored craft passed down for centuries from one skilled artisan to the next. The techniques used today to produce true works of art in the form of hand carved furniture and other intricately beautiful wood sculpture are the same as have been used for hundreds of years….no power tools, no sanding to eliminate the chisel marks that are the same as an artist’s brush marks of paint on canvas.

From the Ancient Greeks to Medieval times, the Renaissance period, Victorian era and on up until today; Master Wood Carvers have produced treasures that grace royal palaces and architecture of all kinds including the highly ornamental Baroque Style, Rococo Style, Period Style and celebrated Modern Style.

Carver whose work is so admirably skillful, crisp, and fluent.

- David Esterly Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books

Your work, and your life story is truly inspiring. What a beautiful thing you are doing. Your carvings are works of art. You are keeping a brilliant tradition alive by carving with all hand tools, and giving your work real finishes. It is not unlike getting up close to an old stone building, or monument, and seeing a chiseled piece of stone with the tool marks of its carver, it is a beautiful thing. I am a  Classical Architect in New York City.

Christopher P. Weeks - Classical Architect -New York, Your Content Goes Here

Outstanding Wood Carving! Master. Maestro! That’s all I have to say!!!!! Master Woodcarver! I love your talent and ability to create Architectural Sculpture as well decorative carving. It is Heart Wood Carving

Scott Hogerty, Your Content Goes Here

Decorative Wood Carving

Rococo Wood Carving

Decorative wood carving imparts a timeless grace and beauty to furniture with every piece totally unique and unlike any other in the world. Anyone who values distinction and wants no part of “cookie cutter” mass produced furniture will thrill to the beauty of a piece made by a woodworking artist using the same tools and techniques used thousands of years ago. The custom wood carving of Master Wood Carver Alexander Grabovetskiy can be found in luxurious homes around the world.

Architectural Carving

If you want architectural carving with a Grinling Gibbons look, Alexander Grabovetskiy can produce ornamental wood carving using a True Human touch that is far and away superior to anything that can be created with power tools.

This custom wood carving can add a new dimension of style to your office or home and is ideal for those who want an update without replacing cabinets, shelves, mantels or other wooden pieces. Think of this decorative wood carving as jewelry that will be a beautiful embellishment to existing items.

You might be surprised to discover that even a small piece of high end wood carving applied to a piece of room architecture such as a fireplace mantel can have a big impact and transform the look of a room; taking it from boring to brilliant.

Custom Wood Carving

woodcarving sunflower hand carved

Custom wood carving is highly decorative. A Master Wood Carver like Alexander Grabovetskiy might be thought of as a wood sculptor. Just as Michelangelo sculpted marble, a woodworking artist can take a piece of wood and create a work of art…a thing of breathtaking beauty. For those who want to imbue their surroundings with a timeless grace and sophistication, touches of decorative carving will do all of that and more.

Distinctive Style and Quality

If you want unique, one of a kind, custom wood carving projects hand crafted from rich woods such as European linden, mahogany, white oak, cherry and other fine quality woods; Master Wood Carver Alexander Grabovetskiy can deliver stunning creations that will lend your home  a look of elegance and opulence seldom found these days.

For grand hotels, community structures that house the arts such as opera houses, theaters or art galleries, as well as luxurious offices and other types of buildings; high end carving can impart a distinctive, elite look that will add value to any property while pleasing every eye.

Here’s what others are saying:

My CNC just ran into the corner and whimpered….incredible work. Certainly the most delicate I’ve seen. You are Master woodcarver

Cris Hostetler

What you do with wood is amazing so delicate and artistic. Better than looking at A famous oil painting .

Cindy Haviland, Your Content Goes Here

Nice work, well done!

- Chris Pye Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books

WOW! Stunning to say the least! True Master of Architectural Wood Carving!

Rob Vega

I have just recently received the copy of WOODCARVING in which your carvings appear. Congratulations on your woodcarver of the year award.  Mighty fine work.

Frederick Wilbur Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books

Outstanding Wood Carving! Master. Maestro! That’s all I have to say!!!!! Master Woodcarver! I love your talent and ability to create Architectural Sculpture as well decorative carving. It is Heart Wood Carving

Scott Hogerty

Core Values

Alexander Grabovetskiy custom Woodcarving

The Core Values of Alexander Grabovetskiy are:

  • The Grace of God, His leadership and Inspiration are the Lifeblood of my work
  • I am value integrity by all
  • My customers deserve my best efforts
  • Personal initiative fuels growth
  • All clients  will be treated with dignity and high respect

 My Commitments:

  • To God – Honor, Glory, and Thanksgiving for His Blessings
  • To my Customers – Excellent Design /Build Construction

 My Mission Statement:


  • To Honor and Glorify God in the workplace in all that I say and do
  • To provide excellent workmanship and quality for my clients
  • To provide growth and profitability for my company

Custom Wood Carving – Alexander Grabovetskiy Wood Carver

The Man

Alexander Grabovetskiy Woodcarver -Woodcarving School- school of woodworking

Born in the Soviet Union in the small town of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Region in 1973, Alexander opened his eyes in a family with an inherent love for the arts. His great grandfather, an expert at Custom Wood Carving had his own furniture business. Alexander received his initial education in Ornamental Wood Carving from his grandfather when he was 6 years old. By this time, the family had been relocated to the town of Dimitrovgrad in Russia.
When Alexander was 16, he managed to impress Vladimir Tokarev, a professional carver famous for his skills with creating Hand Carved Furniture and other wooden goods. Vladimir took the teenager under his apprenticeship, teaching him the techniques that would help the kid create unique, award-winning Custom Wood Carving masterpieces.

Life seemed to be heading in the right direction for Alexander when he suffered the biggest setback of his life. He was arrested by the Soviet Government, and sent to prison for his adherence to Faith and refusal to enter the Red Army.

He was released from prison at the age of 21. By that time, Alexander had already started a successful architectural and ornamental wood carving business from prison.
In 1996, Alexander, his wife Nadia, and their 10-month old son Mark immigrated as a political refugee to the USA. The rest, as they say, is history.
Now Alexander lives in South Florida, is still married, and has three children – Mark, Jessica, and Alexis. His love for wood carving has only increased with time, and he still carves every day.

The Masterpiece

Alexander Grabovetskiy has earned the standing for being one of the most quality-oriented Master Wood Carvers in the world. Alexander Grabovetskiy created an ornamental wood carving, simply titled ‘The Wall Decoration’. The masterpiece won him the title of International Woodcarver of the Year, awarded by Wood Worker’s Institute.
His other notable works include beautiful architectural wood carvings depicting animals and other natural phenomenon in all their glory.


The Art

Hand Carved Flowers- custom ornamental Wood Carving, best wood carver in the world, WOODCARVING by hand

Alexander has been known to carve  non-stop!
He doesn’t care what time or what day it is when he is in the zone, and like every true visionary, he embraces his art in every single one of its forms. He works with a number of styles including sculpture, high relief, low relief, architectural and ornamental modes. In fact, give him a piece of wood, and he can do anything with it… absolutely anything!

In fact, give him a piece of wood, and he can do anything with it… absolutely anything!

Alexander’s intricate wall decorations and wood ornaments are good enough to grace royal palaces. He is also often hired to create intricate classical interior spaces using his trademark hand carved furniture and rococo carvings.
As he creates his masterpieces, Alexander only uses hand tools to carve them out and complete them. No rotary powered tools are ever used in his work. He also does not sand his work as he is of the opinion that tool marks give a unique personality to each of his pieces, ensuring the owners that what they have is distinctively their own and that no two pieces of his will ever be alike. “It is the same as brush marks on canvas in fine art,” he says.

A lot of Alexander’s inspiration comes from Grinling Gibbons, the glorious 16th century wood carver who had the uncanny ability to make wood look like real life objects. Alexander is often approached by his clients to create works of art with that unique Grinling Gibbons look that brings objects to life.
In fact, his technique is quite similar to the modus operandi employed by carvers centuries ago. Alexander makes use of an interesting undercutting technique that may seem extreme to some but it brings out shadows like nothing else. These shadows, according to the artist, are the most important thing in a carving design. As he creates his piece of art, his mind is always looking for ways to create an interesting play of light and shadow, no matter how intricate the object.
And that is how he creates wood carving masterpieces with exquisite details. His work is prized and appreciated the world over because it usually takes ages to create such lifelike effects.
He has been in the United States for more than 2 decades now. And over this time, Alexander Grabovetskiy has earned the standing for being one of the most quality-oriented Master Wood Carvers in the world.

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